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The HSRCA & Tasman Revival Team at Motorfest

The HSRCA & Tasman Revival Team at Motorfest

Welcome back to the official website of the Tasman Revival! Preparations for the 2012 Tasman Revival are well under way and our efforts are building each and every day. We’ll be bringing you a lot of useful, interesting and fun content right here, so stay tuned!

Each year on Australia Day, the NRMA and the car community take over a large section of Sydney’s CBD, fill it with lovely old cars and open up the streets for people to wander and take it all in. It’s a fun day with a great atmosphere and is brilliant for introducing classic cars and car culture to people who have not experienced it before.

Our preparations for the 2012 Tasman Revival are building each day, and we took this as an excellent opportunity to meet new people and introduce them to the event.

We set up a miniature paddock across the road from Hyde Park and spent a relaxed and enjoyable day mingling, chatting about cars, life and everything and spreading the word about the Tasman Revival. A huge “Thanks!” to everyone who helped to organise it and who brought their cars along and, of course, any and everyone who stopped by!

Enjoy this small gallery of photos from the day.

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