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Category Focus: Formula Ford


Formula Ford has been a hugely popular series of racing in Australia for over 40 years.

The Historic Formula Ford Category caters for Formula Ford racing cars with competition histories from 1969-1983.

Chassis include Elfin, Lola, March, Bowin Reynard and Corsair.

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Peter Schell Photo Gallery: Tasman Revival 2006


A series of wonderful photos from Peter Schell. Tasman Revival Meeting 2006

Tasman Revival 2006: Race Report


Over the years I’ve written quite a number of these race reports – you might think I’d be getting quite comfortable with the role by now.

But as I write this, my last report, it seems just as hard as the first time I wrote one while John Sexton was still editing this magazine. I think the fact that so much work, by so many people, went into the organisation of the Tasman Revival, I should really try to do it justice. Fact is, as so often happens, I didn’t get to see much. Luckily you will see that I’ve enlisted the help of some friends to add their comments. Nonetheless this will be less a race report and more just a series of observations. Maybe a future report?

And, as usual, you will find some details in some of the Group Gossip reports later in this magazine; in particular turn to Steve Wood’s coverage of the event where you’ll find some details of the racing amongst the cars that were the real feature of this event. (more…)