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Huge international line up set for Lotus Sydney Tasman Revival 2010


A mammoth International contingent is again what the Tasman Revival has that no other Historic event in Australia can match. As at the time of writing there are 45 overseas entries confirmed including a swag of cars from our 1960s era. Once again Graham Adelman will be bringing both his Ferrari 246T and the most gorgeous sounding car ever, the BRM P126.

Thinking forward, the 3rd running of the Tasman Revival will see some great competition at the front of the field. From the entries so far it looks like the winner may be any of four makes of car, Lotus, Brabham, Ferrari, or BRM, and maybe there is a dark horse in there as well.

Firstly we will have the 2006 winner, John Smith in the Dawson-Damer family’s Lotus 49. Then the 2008 winner, Rob Hall in Graham Adelman’s Ferrari 246T Dino. Add to that equation the car Sir Jack Brabham drove to many victories in 1967 to come  2nd behind team- mate Denny Hulme, the Brabham BT24 of Brian Wilson.

And a recent addition to the sharp end of the 1960’s grids, the Brabham BT23 of Trevor Simpson will be driven by Australian racing legend, John Bowe.

The BRM of Graham Adelman may yet be a dark horse in the field; this car is definitely capable of taking a win just as it did over 40 years ago.

Finally ex Kiwi Phil Harris is bringing Sir Jack’s and later Bib Stillwell’s BT31 Repco V8 from the USA.

The BT31 in both Sir Jack’s hands and later Bib Stillwell’s  was a very competitive car. It was also the car that Bib Stillwell had a very nasty accident at Geelong Sprints some years ago.

Entries so far at the time of writing this are 40 Group M cars of which 27 are Formula Junior or Formula 3 – and 31 O cars of which 2 are F3. This is a pretty good entry, but looking at the list there are a few owners and drivers who haven’t yet entered. It looks like we will exceed total M and O cars that were present at the last two runnings of the Tasman Revival. So if you haven’t entered yet, you are going to miss out on one wow of a single seater time.

We are also very fortunate to have Sir Jack Brabham accept our invitation to be Patron at the 2010 Tasman Revival. Sir Jack and Lady Margaret will be at the event on Sunday 28th November. Sir Jack was the 4th highest points earner in the 1960s Tasman series of events, behind Jim Clark, Graham Hill and Frank Gardner, and shared the 4th placing with 80 points accrued with Chris Amon.

There will be many Brabhams in attendance at the meeting of cars built by Sir Jack and Ron Tauranac, A couple of cars that Sir Jack is sure to remember will be his 1967 car which carried him to 2nd in the World Championship that year and now belongs to Brian Wilson and another is Sir Jack’s car from the 1969 Indianapolis event. Recently brought to Australia by Aaron Lewis, it  is one of two BT25s and the first of the Brabham monocoques built by Sir Jack and Ron to run at the Indianapolis 500 in 1969. The car was to be ready for the Tasman Revival, but Aaron has found some chassis problems that he wants to put right but just to whet the appetite for the future enjoy the photo of  Sir Jack with Aaron’s car 41 years ago.

Images: Aaron Lewis, Peter Schell and Peter Ellenbogan

Group M and O entry list: Lotus Sydney Tasman Revival 2010

Group M

Richard Longes 1959 Cooper Climax T51
Tom Tweedie 1965 Lola T60 F2
Ed Holly 1963 Brabham BT6
Maurice Blackwood 1962 Lotus 20
Tony Dorrell 1965 Monaco HS6
Rodger Newman 1965 Brabham BT14
Richard Nitschke 1962 Elfin Catalina
Richard Longes 1965 Brabham BT14
Peter Avery 1965 Brabham BT16
Richard Wareing 1964 Brabham BT11A
Ken Williams 1964 BBM Mk2
David Jacobs 1962 Brabham BT4
Don Thallon 1961 Cooper Climax T53
Hunter Russell 1960 FMZ FJ
Norman Falkiner 1959 Stanguellini FJ
Roger Ealand 1959 Gemini Mk 2 FJ
David Reid 1962 Cooper T59
Jim Barclay 1961 Gemini Mk 3A FJ
Bill Hemming 1962 Elfin FJ
John Rapley 1962 Brabham BT2
Max Lane 1960 Lola Mk 2
Tony Simmons 1963 Brabham BT6 FJ
Chris Atkinson 1961 Lotus 20/22
Roger Herrick 1960 Lola Mk2
Alan Telfer 1961 Lotus 20B FJ
Paul Halford 1959 Autosud FJ
Neil Tolich 1959 Jocko FJ
Kim Shearn 1960 Lotus 18 FJ
Jon Williamson 1962 Lotus 22 FJ
Michael Sexton 1959 Gemini Mk2
Tony Olissoff 1960 Emeryson Elfin Mk1
David Methley 1960 Lotus 18 FJ
Tadashi Sasaki 1960 Lotus 18 FJ
Koichi Watanuki 1965 Merlyn Mk 9 FB
Syuichiro Nagakubo 1960 Lotus 18 FJ
Don Thallon 1963 MRC FORD 22 FJ
Murray Bryden 1963 Lotus 20B
Bruce Edgar 1963 Elfin FJ
Victoria Le Gallais 1965 Brabham BT 15
Kevin Taylor 1967 Brabham BT 21 F3
Group O

Richard Carter 1968 Elfin 600
Peter Boel 1966 Lotus 41C
Geoff Varey 1968 Gryphon 2
Wayne Wilson 1969 Rennmax BN2
Keith Simpson 1966 Brabham BT16
Herb Neal 1969 Elfin 600B
Jeffrey Hinde 1969 Delta Formula 2
Andrew Gifford 1967 GWG F2
David Kent 1969 Brabham BT29
Eli Solomon 1966 Brabham BT18
Neil McCrudden 1969 Macon MR1
Colin McKee 1967 Alexis TR9
Mitsuru Miyajima 1969 Chevron B15 Fb
Hideo Yoshikawa 1967 Brabham BT21
Ross Hodgson 1968 Elfin 600 Alfa
Hiroomi Hattori 1968 Lotus 41C
Bob Cracknell 1969 Elfin 600B
Peter Barclay 1966 Brabham BT 21A
Paul Hamilton 1968 Elfin 600
Lindsay O’Donnell 1967 McLaren M4A
Peter McLaughlin 1967 Brabham BT30
Chris Farrell 1969 Brabham BT 30
Andrew Fellowes 1968 Brabham BT23C
Les Wright 1967 Brabham Buick BT21
John Smith 1968 Lotus 49/R8
Graham Adelman 1968 BRM P126
Graham Adelman 1968 Ferrari Dino 246/T
Phil Harris 1969 Brabham BT31
John Bowe 1967 Brabham BT23B
Jeff Brown 1969 Brabham BT 28 FJ
Robert Buckley 1969 GolFord Special FJ

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