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Australian 1960s Racing Cars (M and O) Newsletter No.21

2012 Tasman Revival

As we barrel ever closer to the holiday season, we have an early Christmas treat from Ed Holly in the form of his Summer M & O newsletter, now available for download from the club website.

It’s another bumper edition; packed to the brim with all the news, gossip and adventures of ’60s racing cars and their drivers. This edition features an absolutely massive recap of the 2012 Tasman Revival, checks in at Barbagello, Sandown and Motorclassica, and catches up with all the pit gossip and more in the world of 1960s racing cars.

It’s packed with stories both fun and informative and plenty of stunning photos, and is well worth a read. Download it by clicking the handy link below, or right clicking and selecting ‘Save As’, and enjoy!

Australian 1960s Racing Cars (M and O) Newsletter No.21 [PDF]

Thanks to Ed Holly for putting it together, and to the many contributors that create such a great read!

Photo by Steve Koen

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Tasman Revival Winners

Tasman Revival Winners

Tasman Revival Trophy Races – Sunday 25th November 2012

Event 34 – Regularity

The Ian Forsyth Trophy for Regularity

First Place – Graham Henshaw

The Peter Finlay Trophy for Regularity.

First Place – Jim Rooke

The Peninsula Sports Car Services Trophy for Regularity.

First Place – Duncan Craft


Event 35 – Vintage & PVT (JKL & invited others)

The Frank Gardner Trophy for Group L Sports Cars

First Place – Peter Lubrano

Second Place – Geoff Piggott

Third place – Masayoshi Oka

The Alec Mildren Trophy for Group L Racing Cars

First Place – Grant Craft

Second place – Dick Willis

Third Place – James Elphick

The RACA Trophy for Group Sa Sports Cars

First Place – Brian Duffy

Second Place – Andrew Gibson

Third place – Rick Marks

The Longford Trophy for Group L Sports Handicap

First Place – Paul Armstrong

The Dick Cobden Trophy for Group L Racing Handicap

First Place – Dick Willis

The Tom Sulman Trophy for Groups J&K Pointscore

First Place – Graeme Raper


Event 36 – The John Gale Planning Group Event for Q&R Racing

The Ron Tauranac Trophy for Group Q Racing Cars –

First Place – Chris Farrell

Second place – Doug Macarthur

Third place – John Gale

The Group R Racing Trophy Race

First Place – Guido Belgiorno-Nettis

Second Place – Sean Whelan

Third Place – Vivian King


Event 37 – The Exclusive Body Werks Event for Group S and T Sports Cars

The Bill Brown Trophy for Group Sc Sports Cars –

First Place – Geoff Morgan

Second Place – Stan Adler

Third Place – Andrew Purvis

The RACA Trophy for Group Sb Sports Cars –

First Place – Laurie Burton

Second Place – Wayne Seabrook

Third Place – Laurie Sellers

The Group T Trophy Race

First Place – Pete McNamara


Event 38 – Formula Ford

The John Leffler Shield for Historic Formula Fords

First Place – Tom Tweedie

Second Place – Nick Bennett

Third Place – David Holland


Event 40 – The Shannons Insurance Tasman Revival Feature Event

The Tasman Trophy Race

First Place – Damon Hancock

Second Place – Richard Carter

Third Place – Ray Stubber

The Jack Brabham Trophy for Group M Racing Cars.

First Place – Adam Berryman

Second Place – Ed Holly

Third Place – Peter Studer

The Leo Geoghegan Trophy for Group O Racing Cars. 

First Place – Damon Hancock

Second Place – Richard Carter

Third Place – Ray Stubber


Event 41 – Production Touring Cars (Group N)

The Ian Geoghegan Trophy for Group Nb Touring Cars

First Place – John Bryant

Second Place – David Moran

The Brian Foley Trophy for Group Nc Touring Cars

First Place – Andrew Whiteside

Second Place – Laurie Donaher


Event 42 – The Credit Suisse Formula Junior and Formula 3 International Challenge

First Place – Jeff Brown

Second Place – Tony Simmons

Third Place – John Dowson

The Formula Junior Trophy Race – Front Engine

First Place – Jan Biekens

Second Place – Max Lane

Third Place – Peter Larner

The Formula Junior Trophy Race

Rear Engine – Drum Brakes

First Place – Bill Hemming

Second Place – Robert Buckley

Third Place – Jim Barclay

The Formula Junior Trophy Race

Rear Engine – Disc Brakes

First Place – Tony Simmons

Second Place – Roger Ealand

Third Place – John Dowson

The Formula 3 Trophy Race

First Place – Jeff Brown


Event 43 – The Penrite Oils Sports Racing Cars Events (M, O Q & R Sports cars)

The Repco Matich Trophy for Group M Sports Cars

First Place – Stewart Mahony

Second Place – Peter Maclaughlin

Third Place – Philip Venables

The Spencer Martin Trophy for Group O Sports Cars

First Place – Howard Blight

Second Place – David Jacobs

Third Place – Brad Morrin

The Bib Stillwell Trophy for Group Q Sports Cars

First Place – Duncan Mackellar

Second Place – Ian Ross

Third Place – Andrew Sefton

Trophy Race for Group R Sports Cars

First place – Jamie Larner

Second place – Mark Hales

Third Place – Kev Gray


Event 44 – Formula 5000 Racing Cars

The Kevin Bartlett Trophy for Formula 5000 Racing Cars.

First place – Andrew Robson

Second place – Paul Zazryn

Third Place – Chris Lambden


Event 45 – Formula Vee Racing Cars

The Bernie Haehnle Trophy for Formula V Racing Cars

First place – David Cutts

Second place – Daniel Bando

Third place – Leigh Hemmings

Video: On Board with Mark Lowings in Formula Ford for the Leffler Trophy at the Tasman Revival

On-board Formula Ford

Hop on board with Mark Lowings for a brilliant dice with Tom Tweedie in this video from Sunday’s Formula Ford feature race at the 2012 Tasman Revival.

If you have video from the Tasman Revival which you would like to share on the website, just send a quick email to and let us know!

Tasman Revival Photos: A Smattering from Sunday

Tasman Revival Historic Racing

It’s been a massive weekend of historic racing at the Tasman Revival, topped off with a sunny Sunday of feature races.

We’d like to thank everyone involved; all the organisers, entrants, spectators and, most importantly, the volunteers who make all of this possible.

Keep an eye on the site over the coming days as we’ll have full photo galleries coming online soon, along with video and race wrap-ups. We just need a quick nap before we get to work again!

Thanks to everyone for joining us for a magnificent Tasman Revival!


Warwick Brown in Stan Redmond’s Lola T333 CS

A field of 17 thundering Formula 5000 race cars is set to break the sound barrier at the Shannons Tasman Revival race meeting on 23-25 November 2012 at Sydney Motorsport Park.

The crowd-thrilling 5-litre V8-engined machines will relive the 1970-1975 years of the original Tasman Series.  When the Series commenced in 1964 eligible cars were based on Formula One type chassis using dedicated racing engines restricted to a capacity of 2.5 litres.  The later V8 formula introduced production sourced engines which delivered greater horsepower of around 550bhp and produced roaring sounds which drew fans to the fences.

Aaron Lewis in the Matich A50

One of the pioneers of F5000 racing in Australia was Frank Matich who won the 1971 Australian Grand Prix in a car of his own design and manufacture.  Matich will be in attendance as Patron of the race meeting and is looking forward to watching Aaron Lewis compete in his Matich A50, a sister car to the Grand Prix winner.

Making his first appearance in a F5000 will be Tom Tweedie in the ex-Team VDS Chevron B24, a car formerly raced by Lewis.  Tweedie has raced with success in Formula Ford and Formula 3, and has also sampled Porsche Cup and V8 Supercars.

One of a number of cars coming from New Zealand is the Stan Redmond’s Lola T333 CS, once driven by Warwick Brown who is the only Australian to have won the Tasman Series (in 1975).  Brown is among the 20 legendary drivers of the Tasman era who will be in attendance at the race meeting and take part in a drivers’ parade.

Returning from the USA where he is now based is expatriate Australian Bruce Leeson with his McLaren M10B.  When these cars first raced Leeson was an accomplished photographer; he now provides the action on track rather than capturing the images.

Other major contenders include Andrew Robson’s Lola T332, Bill Hemmings’ Elfin MR8 and, from New Zealand, Dave Abbott’s Lola T430 and Alan Dunkley’s Lola T140.

On display at the meeting will be the first Formula 5000 driven by dual Australian Champion Kevin Bartlett.  The unique Mildren Chevrolet has just been restored and will be on show in the Memorabilia Marquee.

Another ex-Bartlett car competing at the meeting will be Col Haste’s Brabham BT2 twin-cam.  Powered by a 1.5 litre engine, the car was driven in the original Tasman Series by David Walker who later went overseas to drive in Formula One for Team Lotus.  The well used car contested five Australian Grands Prix between 1964 and 1971.

The Tasman Revival meeting is hosted by the Historic Sports and Racing Car Association of NSW and the Australian Racing Drivers Club.  More information can be found at and you can join in on the discussion at

Revivers of the Lost Art: Tasman Revival in the Wentworth Courier

Daniel Bando

With the 2012 Tasman Revival just a month away, mainstream media is starting to spread the word about historic motorsport and get people excited for the event.

Daniel Bando was recently featured in an article in the Wentworth Courier, which you can check out in their online publication here, or in the picture below (click the image to embiggen)!

Via the Wentworth Courier

Photo Gallery: Tasman Revival at Muscle Car Masters 2012

The Tasman Revival at Muscle Car Masters

The Tasman Revival team was back at Sydney Motor Sport Park this weekend, enjoying the spectacle of Muscle Car Masters 2012 and talkin’ Tasman with its fans.

Peter Schell was at the event and has very kindly shared a selection of his photographs from the day. They cover some of the action on the track as well as the display in the paddock and are great fun. Check ’em out below!

Thanks to Peter Schell for the photographs!

HSRCA Display at the Shannons Eastern Creek Classic 2012

Brabham BT24

Once again the HSRCA is heading to Sydney Motor Sport Park to enjoy a weekend of historic sports and racing cars. We’ll be at the track this Sunday the 19th of August and will have a selection of wonderful racing and sports racing cars from the recent past on display.

The star of the HSRCA display will undoubtedly be the 1967 Formula 1 Repco-Brabham BT24 driven by Sir Jack himself that year. Displaying the No1 on the side, as Sir Jack was the Formula One World Champion, this car won the French and Canadian GPs and was second in the Dutch, German and Italian GPs. It finished second in the World Championship to Denny Hulme, Brabham’s teammate driving another Brabham.

Other cars will be another two Brabham 1960s racing cars, a locally built and very much used 1960s racing car called the Gryphon, a historic Formula Vee with quite a few wins to its name in recent times, a Nota sports racer from the 1950s being the Nota Minx, a Porsche 911, a Clubman, an Alfa Romeo and a Lotus Eleven from 1958 with early Australian history.

These cars will be on display in garages 11, 12 and 13 and will put on a spirited display around lunchtime on Sunday. Can’t wait to catch up with everyone there!

Photo by Peter Schell

Eastern Creek Reborn as Sydney Motor Sport Park

After many months of work and preparation, Eastern Creek’s $12 million transformation has been completed and officially launched, and one of Australia’s motorsport icons has received a new name to go along with its groovy new digs.

Sydney Motor Sport Park, as it will henceforth be known, will play host to the 2012 Tasman Revival, and we can’t wait!

The HSRCA will be heading there in a month, on the 30th of June and 1st of July, for our All Historic Winter event, so stop by and check out all the action on the new long layout!

Images via Sydney Motor Sport Park

Read on for the new layouts and official word from Sydney Motorsport Park.