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2006 Tasman Revival Meeting: In review


The inaugural Tasman Cup Revival Race featured a capacity field of 1960s open-wheelers, many of which had competed in the events of the era.  After an unforgettable dice throughout the entire 15 laps, including a number of lead changes, John Smith scored a narrow win, only 0.2 seconds ahead of Spencer Martin.  Smith’s winning Lotus 49 Cosworth, part of the Dawson-Damer collection, had originally contested the 1969 Tasman Cup in the hands of then world champion Graham Hill.  Martin’s Brabham Alfa BT23D, recently restored to pristine condition by owner Paul Moxham, had previously been part of the Mildren Racing Team and contested the Tasman Series in 1968 when driven by Frank Gardner, and again in 1969 with Australian champion Kevin Bartlett in the seat.   Martin himself had also competed in the Tasman Series in 1966 and 1967.  In third place was the Brabham BT23C of American visitor Phil Harris.

Other competitors in the historic event were –
Herb Neal (Elfin 600B), Ken Smith (NZ)(McLaren M4A), Peter Addison (Brabham BT23C), Bob Cracknell (Elfin 600B), Paul Hamilton (Elfin 600), Rodin Wooton (NZ)(Brabham BT18), Colin Haste (Brabham BT2), Dean Tighe (Brabham BT14), Peter Simms (Brabham Repco BT23A), Ron Coath (Brabham BT21A), Ross Hodgson (Lotus 39 Climax), Peter Harburg (Brabham BT11A Climax), Ed Holly (Brabham BT 6), Chad Wheeler (Rennmax Palliser), Wayne Wilson (Rennmax BN2), David Reid (Elfin 1500), Dick Willis (Mildren Cooper), Carolyn Dimmer (USA)(Lotus 35 Climax), Roger Munns (NZ)(Brabham BT22 Climax), Doug Anderson (Elfin Catalina), Richard Longes (Cooper Climax T51), Brian Grant (NZ)(Begg Daimler), David Jacobs (USA)(Brabham BT4), Eli Solomon (HK)(Brabham BT18), Trevor Parrott (Brabham BT18), Ken Bedggood (Brabham BT16), Chris Farrell (Brabham BT30), Tim Kuchel (Brabham BT18), Brian Wilson (Brabham Repco BT24), John Elliott (UK)(Lotus 18 Climax), Allan Conway (Gemini Mk 3A), Peter Boel (Lotus 41C), Harry Hickling (Rennmax BN1), Roger Newman (UK)(Brabham BT14), Jamie Larner (Brabham BT18), Don Thallon (Cooper Climax T53) and Ian Ross (Elfin 600C Repco).

Among the interesting cars brought from overseas to contest some of the supporting events were the ex-Jackie Stewart Tyrrell 004 of John Dimmer (USA), the Talbot Lago of Peter Giddings (USA), the famous American sports car special “Old Yeller II” of Ernie Nagamatsu and, from New Zealand, the ex-Denny Hulme McLaren M23 of Phil Mauger.  Also in attendance to compete in Brian Caldersmith’s Lotus Elite was the renowned British sports and touring car champion Sir John Whitmore.

During the three days of the meeting 52 events were contested. The major trophy winners were –

Frank Gardner Trophy (Group L sports) – Keith Simpson (1960 Lola Mk 1)
Alec Mildren Trophy (Group L racing) – Mick Arnold (1955 Sharp HoldenSpecial)
Frank Matich Trophy (Group M sports) – Stewart Mahony (1965 Bolwell Mk 4)
Jack Brabham Trophy (Group M racing) – Dean Tighe (1965 Brabham BT14)
Spencer Martin Trophy (Group O sports) – Nev McKay (1968 Mallock U2)
Leo Geoghegan Trophy (Group O racing) – Jamie Larner (1966 Brabham BT18)
Bib Stillwell Trophy (Group Q sports) – Scott Whittaker (1970 Milano GT2)
Ron Tauranac Trophy (Group Q racing) – John Dimmer USA (1971 Tyrrell 004)
John Leffler Shield (Groups Q&R Formula Ford) – Jonathan Miles (1982 Reynard)
Jack Myers Trophy (Group Na touring) – Bruce Smith (1956 MG ZA Magnette)
Ian Geoghegan Trophy (Group Nb touring) – Scott Fleming (1964 Lotus Cortina)
Brian Foley Trophy (Group Nc touring) – Des Wall (1967 Ford Mustang)
RACA Trophy (Group Sa Sports) – Les Schwebel (1962 Turner Mk II Ford)
RACA Trophy (Group Sb sports) – Tony Dains (1970 Triumph TR6)

Feedback from spectators and enthusiastic media reports confirm the 2006 Tasman Revival to have been a raging success. A collection of magazine articles on the event is included in a downloadable file below. Included are reports from English Motorsport, English Classic & Sportscar, USA-based Vintage Racecar and Vintage Motorsport, Japanese Classic Car, Australian Classic Car, Auto-Action, Motorsport News and Racer magazine, along with our Club magazine “The Oily Rag”.

There is also a downloadable file of the 2006 programme, as there have been many requests for it since the meeting.

To view the results of the 2006 Tasman Revival meeting view the: Natsoft website