The Official Website For The Tasman Sydney Motor Sport Park

About the HSRCA


Formed on the 19th June 1981 with a mandate to preserve, promote and provide racing for cars with a competition history, the Historic Sports & Racing Car Association has around 900 members.

Since its inception, the Association has promoted around 100 Historic Race meetings, along with providing driver training days, technical days, social events, and all those activities related to being the only motor-sport and heritage based racing car club in the state of New South Wales.

The Tasman Revival meeting is one of the activities promoted by the Club in the 2008 calendar year and to oversee this task, a steering committee has been working on this event since the conclusion of the 2006 Tasman Revival.

The club normally promotes 4 Historic events a year, one each at Oran Park and Wakefield Park with a double at Eastern Creek.  These activities, membership forms and much more can be found at the club’s website or go to links.

The HSRCA would like to thank the following photographers who have supplied the photos contained within this website:
Peter Schell, Barry Sloane, Jeremy Dale, Marshall Cass, Patrich Ilufi, Paul Tilley, Peter Finlay, Russell Windebank, Steve Koen, Steve Oom, Bill Forsyth, Dr Peter Clark.